Seasonal and Preventative Auto Maintenance

Don’t be stranded by a breakdown:

With a few common checks and procedures, Preventative Maintenance will protect your vehicle and more importantly you and your loved ones.

It will prevent damage to your vehicle from parts wearing and breaking and it will help you avoid costly breakdowns that are not only inconvenient but can end up costing much more in headaches and repair costs later on.

Preventative maintenance can help reduce fuel consumption, save you money and decrease harmful emissions. Maintaining your vehicle can reduce the chance you are stopped and fined, if your vehicle does not meet road safety standards.

Regular oil changes will help maintain the integrity of your engine, preventing sludge buildup inside the engine, which protects the engine and improves its performance.

One of the added benefits of regular maintenance is that it can protect your vehicle’s value should you decide to resell it in the future.

Regular maintenance:

Engine oil level check, oil filter and oil change.

Replace broken and wearing windshield wipers.

Check your fuel filter.

Check steering, brake and transmission fluids.

Check belts and hoses.

Check and replace coolant hoses as needed.

Seasonal Maintenance:

We’ll inspect your tires for cracks and bulges and inflate them properly for optimum safety and performance.

Change antifreeze before Winter freeze-up.

We’ll check your heating and air conditioning systems.

Replace your air filter (replace annually or every 20,000 kilometers.) A dirty air filter can severely restrict airflow to your engine.

Check and top up fluids.

We’ll change your oil, lube, and filter and check your oil grade for Winter/Summer performance.

We’ll inspect your battery and charging system. Bring it in, especially if it’s slow to crank the engine or not holding the charge. Failing batteries can be a real headache, especially in cold winter weather.

Preventative Maintenance:
Replace Brake Pads and Rotors

Squealing or noisy brakes need attention.

Less resistance in pressure on the brake pedal to the floor should be looked at immediately.

Have your brakes checked every 12 to 18 months, depending on your braking habits.

Shocks and Struts

Bumpy ride? Repair and Replacement of worn-out shocks and struts.

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

Is the vehicle noisy or exhaust is smokey? Having trouble passing emissions testing?

Power Steering System Checks and Repairs

Power Steering Fluid Top Up.

Replace warn out steering system components.


Lubricate chassis to protect against wear.

Joints and Axles

We’ll inspect your C.V. Boots for cracking, which allows lubricating grease to leak out of the boot, failing to protect the axle from wear.

Timing Belt

When a timing belt breaks, it can strand you with a broken down vehicle and potentially cost thousands in damage to your engine. Replace according to the directions from the vehicle’s manufacturer.


If your vehicle is jerky when you move forward, it could mean parts of your clutch need to be replaced before the clutching system fails altogether.

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